Watch the Oddityviz animation

Our animation brings the visual elements from the Oddityviz records to life by setting them to Bowie's original track, Space Oddity.

Plug in your headphones, sit back and enjoy the long, long fade in...

The animation was created by Valentina D'Efilippo, with code by Mike Brondbjerg and data by Miriam Quick. It was first shown as part of the Oddityviz window installation at Wieden+Kennedy London in January 2017.

The animation combines visual elements from the Oddityviz records with new elements inspired by the song's lyrics – floating doors, an enormous HAL-like eye and, at the end, a portrait of David Bowie composed of thousands of stars. 

Many parts of the animation were coded directly from the audio track to make them move in sync with the music.

A number of visual elements are taken from the third Oddityviz record, Texture, where each icon stands for a different instrument playing at that point in the song. 

A triangle means a 12-string acoustic guitar, for example, and various 's' shapes are used for the different string tracks. The two vocal characters also have different symbols: a square for Ground Control and a circle for Major Tom.

Where a symbol is present, the instrument is playing during that bar. The icons renew themselves every bar then fade into the background as the music plays.